Mutilated Boosey Bass trombone in G

Boosey & Co circa 1930 G bass trombone, which has been badly mutilated for “historical” reasons

Apr 2, 2010
1. One can discuss that practise of anachronizing even so obsolete instruments for “historical” purposes. But this one has been taken too far
2. Water key
3. This is the sad result of a 30 or so years old British method of how to get “original” trombones for rennaisance and baroque music- Take an old Brit peashooter and cut the flare of the bell!
4. The additions to the bell body are part of an ill-fated attempt to mimic a 1732 instrument by Johan Leonhard Ehe of Nuremberg. On the original the stick can be used for instant retuning. Here it makes sense at all
5. On the original Ehe trombone and other period instruments the bow guards are embellished to please the eye. This mutilation is sickening, as it does not display skills in neither design nor in craftsmanship
6. This instrument should have been saved true to its beautiful engraving. Its bell rim here is very sad. Well working British G bass trombones are in short supply. They have one force often lost in modern bassbones- clarity in lower dynamics