An outlet for free music files in .pdf format from the hands of YM.

Here you will find settings for very specific ensemble formats, but often the settings will be extremely flexible by offering scores and parts for recorders, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, brasses, and strings of very diverse sizes, pitches, and clefs. Instruments not mentioned here most often will find a relevant part to play from.

This makes the music offered relevant for ad-hoc ensembles as found in churches, schools, and community contexts.

All files are complying with all rules of copyright.

This collection is about one musician/music teacher giving free music and teaching/studying material to other musicians, amateurs and professionals alike. Please use it with that in mind.

Grieg - Funeral March - 10-piece orchestral brass section 2017 A 2017 new arrangement for orchestral brass section (4231) plus timpani & cymbals. Project is close to completion.
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 29 2017

Brahms - Ich schwing mein Horn ins Jammerthal 4-part song fro male choir here edited by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre for several instrumental quartet constellations
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 27 2017

Schoenster Herr Jesu - Silesian folk tune from 1842 Known in English as Fairest Lord Jesus, as Beautiful Saviour, or as Fair is Creation. Ongoing project for 14-piece brass ensemble, Glockenspiel, & timpani with congregational singing, SATB vocal soloists, and SATB choir. Planned to be ready for the 2017 Christmas season. The score is near completion. A sampled .mp3 file of the progressing score may be found by now
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 17 2017

Greased Pig Quick Step - various quartets Anonymous from the Woburn Fife Book ca. 1810. Woodwinds, brasses, & Celli. Set 2017 by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre. Tonal, but with a wider concept of tonality than common in 1810. Seven keys available in 106 version
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 6 2017

Schoenster Herr Jesu Schönster Herr Jesu - Silesian folk tune from 1842 set by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre for 4 natural horns (2 Eb + 2 Bb basso). Transposed versions for 4 celli, 4 bassoons, 4 bass clarinets, and 4 euphoniums (bass clef and treble clef Bb)
yorkmasterbbb - Dec 17 2016

Blue chords for Ukulele The 7(#9) chord type presented in all 12 major keys for ukulele in C6-tuning with a high G-string. Notation in plain music and in tablature.
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 14 2016

Ukulele and Bass Vamps in All Major Keys Moderately extended ukulele chords and simple walking bass lines for extended fingerings (traditional music notation and tablature for both instruments)
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 11 2016

Kenn Recueil d’Airs - Trios 1-18 1797 collection of tunes set for 3 horns - here in several versions for various constellations of instruments (in progress)
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 29 2016

Easy Duets for teacher and student Ongoing project, so far 4 hymns for 2 contrabass tubas
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 5 2016

11 Italian Arias for 4 natural horns Settings for 4 natural horns in G. F, Eb, D, C, or Bb basso. Very well playable on modern valve horns, but you have to read the transpositions.
yorkmasterbbb - Apr 6 2016

Mozart Divertimenti KA 229 5 Divertimenti Köchel Anhang #229. Long term project starting with Divertimento I.
yorkmasterbbb - Mar 4 2016

Arcadelt - Il bianco e dolce cigno 16 fully compatible scores for instruments in A, G, C, F, Bb, and Eb. Treble, alto, tenor, and bass clefs, some octave up or octave down,
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 2 2015

Ukulele fingerings Selected chords in all 12 keys
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 16 2015

2 Scottish Vignettes 2 original Scottish tunes in 4-part settings by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre. Recorder 4-tet - PCCA flutet 4-tet - Double reeds 4-tet - Wind 4-tet - String 4-tet - 3 different clarinet 4-tets - EETT 4-tets (tubas in bass clef or in Eb/BBb treble clef)
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 10 2015

Tallis - If You Love Me - Low Ensembles Compatible versions for low clarinets, bassoons, euphoniums/tubas, and celli/double bass
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 8 2015

Blazhevich etudes as duets Vladislav Blazhevich (1886 – 1942) - Studies for BBb tuba - arranged as duets for various pairs of instruments - notated in several keys, clefs, and transpositions - by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre (2015)
yorkmasterbbb - May 10 2015

Beethoven Trio - Piano-Flute-Bassoon WoO 37 Solo parts and alternative solo parts. Piano score from IMSLP
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 26 2015

Saint-Saens - Clarinet Sonata Opus 167 - piano score from IMSLP - Solo parts for horn, WT, euphonium, ophicleide, tuba (bass clef, Eb, BBb), clarinet (bass, contrabass), viola, cello, double bass
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 19 2015

Saint-Saens - Bassoon Sonata Piano score from IMSLP - solo part in versions for F horn, Wagner Tuba, euphonium (treble and bass clefs), tuba (bass, contrabass, Eb, BBb), ophicleide, bass clarinet, and contrabassoon.
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 9 2015

Low Brass Warm Up Routine by Michael Ebie Bass clef versions for tubas in F, Eb, CC, & BBb plus treble clef versions for euphonium & for tubas in Eb and in BBb.
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 23 2014

Rossini - Due Gatti The famous cat duet as a hybrid project. Transposed instrumental duet parts are available from here, the piano score is available from IMSLP. If your duet constellation isn't represented here, please ask. It will be made if at all possible.
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 1 2014

Elgar - Romance opus 62 Originally for bassooon solo. Hybrid project, where you get parts for alternative solo instruments from here. You get Elgar’s own piano score from IMSLP.
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 17 2014

Massenet Thais Meditation The solo part edited on basis of Marsick's arrangement for violin and piano. To be used together with Marsick's piano part as found on IMSLP. Parts for woodwinds and brasses, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet bassoon, tenor saxophone, euphonium, tubas
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 2 2014

La Chasse by Philidor 1712 Fanfare & Menuet set for quartet of natural horns in G, F, E, Eb, or D. Playable on modern horns. 4th part may take a double horn to work. Versions for clarinets, saxophones, and various brass constellations will follow.
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 22 2014

Weyse - Sonata for 2 Bassoons C. E. F. Weyse: Sonata for 2 Bassoons - versions in all keys for low brasses and for Bb Clarinets through Contrabass Clarinets - New: Flutes
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 29 2014

Mozart Sonate KV292 for bassoon and cello Versions for pairs of woodwinds, brasses, or strings.
yorkmasterbbb - May 27 2014

Louis Lemaire - Fanfara 1749 4 Horns in D - Louis Lemaire - Fanfara 1749. Playable in Eb and in F. Versions in Eb for bassoon 4tet, euphonium 4tet, tuba 4tet, ophicleide 4tet
yorkmasterbbb - May 15 2014

Unter dem Doppeladler - 14-piece brass with 6 percussion Josef Franz Wagner (1893): Unter dem Doppeladler - arranged by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre (2014) for 14-piece brass choir 4441euph and 6 percussion players (timpani in Ab, Bb, Eb, & F, snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, cymbals, and Glockenspiel). All parts have unique notes, hence they are all essential. Please do not perform with reduced ensemble. Trap set is not a relevant substitute for any of the percussion parts.
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 27 2014

Ridderen og Jomfruen - duets for several constellations Ridderen og Jomfruen - The Knight and the Virgin - Danish folk tune from the vicinity of Soroe, a small town on central Zealand. Set as duet for 290 permutations of 2 instruments - 12 different keys
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 5 2014

Mendelssohn-Lied behind HarkTheHeraldAngelsSing The tune for Hark the herald Angels sing is an adaption of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-s 2nd movement from a 1840-cantata for male voices and brasses celebrating Gutenberg. Here in a version for 14-piece brass and timpani.
yorkmasterbbb - Dec 21 2013

Sarie Marais - Ellie Rhee South African & American traditional in a four part setting for various instruments - the versions are not necessarily compatible due to differing keys. This 2013 revision differs from the older setting in the harmonies of the last bars.
yorkmasterbbb - Dec 5 2013

Stille Nacht Heilge Nacht 14-piece brass and timpani Stille Nacht (Silent Night) set for 14-piece brass (444euph1timp) on basis of Gruber-s 1818 setting for vocals, horns, strings, and organ. Also with elements from Mohr-s 1820 setting for vocals and guitar.
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 30 2013

Giovanni Gabrieli Madrigale a tre Version for 2 euphoniums and 1 tuba. All in bass clef. 1st euph also in treble clef Bb. Transcription by Luke Zyla, new contributor to this project.
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 29 2013

Corelli Church Sonata 2 Version for 2 euphoniums and 1 tuba. All in bass clef. 1st euph also in treble clef Bb. Transcription by Luke Zyla, new contributor to this project.
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 29 2013

Would you ever guess Ka' Du gatte hvem jeg er? - Danish kids song for the Lent. Here set by Klaus Bjerre for 2 bass tubas with optional piccolo (or standard) flute.
daneuph - Oct 19 2013

Bach- Air from 3rd Suite for Low Brass and WW This subproject isn-t compatible with the other versions of Air, as it is in C Major. Fully compatible scores for treble clef Bb-Eb-BBb and bass clef concert low brasses, bassoons-contrabassoon, celli-string bass with low Bnatural, bass clarinets-contrabass clarinet, and tenor- baritone-bass saxophones. All versions with optional guitar continuo written in tablature and in traditional notation.
daneuph - Sep 17 2013

Bach-Air from 3rd Suite Brass4tet There is no standard brass quartet formation, so there will be a few different scores here. As all cover 4 basic lines (Solo line in the tenor range, soprano and alto lines, plus bass line) they are all fully compatible, and parts are interchangeable as long as good balance is maintained. 1st version: Bb cornet, Eb horn, Bb baritone, Eb tuba in brass band style notation.
daneuph - Sep 12 2013

Pifa from Handel The Messiah Versions for Flute Choir and for Clarinet Choir
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Captain Bligh Canon for low brasses Composed by David Basden for euphonium and tuba or for two tubas. Introduction in form of correspondence between the composer and YM
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Heinrich Schuetz Jesu 7 Worte Am Kreuz in E minor Al versions with optional pairs of soloists and guitar continuo. Versions for quintets: brass, horn, woodwind, and recorders. Brass ensemble versions, all with brass band treble clef substitute parts: 10-piece-brass and a low brass version in B minor for horns, trombones, baritones, euphoniums, and tubas.
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Zikoff - Waltzes - Sounds From The Alps - brass 4-tet Friedrich Zikoff - Waltzes - Sounds From The Alps - arranged by Neil Edwards for brass quartet in various permutations
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Susato - Battle Pavane Tielman Susato - Battle Pavane arranged by Neil Edwards in two versions (F and Bb) for 4-part brasses. Parts for instruments reading Bb, Eb, or bass clef concert.
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Sullivan - Strange Adventure Strange Adventure (from 2nd act of Yeomen of the Guard) by Arthur Sullivan. Arranged by Neil Edwards for Brass Quartet: Soprano in Bb or Eb, Alto in Bb or Eb, Tenor in Bb or Eb, and Bass in Bb, Eb, or C:
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Ketelbey - In a Persian Market Albert Ketelbey-s In a Persian Market arranged for 4-part brasses by Neil Edwards
daneuph - Sep 11 2013

Rachmaninov 2nd Prelude - set by Neil Edwards for brass quartet Rachmaninov 2nd Prelude set for 2 Bb cornets-trumpets, baritone-trombone, and trombone-euphonium-tuba. Various transpositions available for the 3 lower parts
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Grieg - Holberg Suite - Air - SATB recorders Recorder quartet. SATB parts and score by Neil Edwards
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Sermisy - Au Joly Boys Claudin Sermisy - Au Joly Boys. Here set by Neil Edwards for brasses written in Bb, Eb, and bass clef concert
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Turmchoral-transposed Neil Edwards transposed my version for his quartet of Bb instruments
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Sullivan - Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day by Arthur Sullivan. Brass Quartet for Soprano in Bb, Alto in Bb or Eb, Tenor in Bb, Eb, or C, and Bass in Bb, Eb, C, or CC.
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Ketelbey - The Sanctuary of the Heart Albert Ketelbey-s The Sanctuary of the Heart arranged for 4-part brasses by Neil Edwards
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

Im tiefen Keller for two bass tubas An older file not originally prepared for publication
daneuph - Sep 10 2013

AllPeopleThatOnEarthDoDwell A collection of 5 settings from 4 countries of the tune known in the English speaking world as All people that on earth do dwell. Here edited by Klaus Bjerre for Recorders, Tuba 4-tet, WW 5-tet, Brass 5-tet, Horn 4-tet, and Church ensemble with organ. Version for Flute Choir SSAB. (There is a newer, expanded, version within the folder for modular scores)
daneuph - Sep 4 2013

Turmchoral 4-part scores A German tower chorale arranged for several ensemble and instrument types.
daneuph - Sep 4 2013

Modular 4-part scores Originally only Danish hymns set in 9 compatible scores. Now 4-part music from several nations and from several chorale traditions. The project has been expanded towards having 14 or more scores for each tune. Instruments in A, G, C, F, Bb, and Eb. Treble, alto, tenor, and bass clefs.
daneuph - Sep 4 2013

Enatus-est-Emanuel Christmas Carol by Michael Praetorius 1609. Compatible playing scores for instruments in G, C, F, Bb, and Eb
daneuph - Sep 4 2013

Es ritten drei Reiter German traditional. Versions for brass quintet and for the 10 piece brass format
daneuph - Sep 4 2013

J. Baptist Vanhal - Divertimento This Divertimento has been set for the traditional brass quintet. Additional parts allow for performances by brass band type instruments, clarinets, and saxophones. Version for SSAAB flute quintet or ensemble. Substitution parts for more ensemble flexibility. Setting for SATB and Great Bass recorders.
daneuph - Sep 3 2013

Gestern Abend war Vetter Michel da Variations by C. Scheindienst over a folk tune well known in Central and Northern Europe. Originally for Czakan and Guitar. Here set for permutations of 2, 3, or 4 parts - recorders, flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, violins with guitar plus cello, bassoon, or bass tuba
daneuph - Sep 3 2013

Bach-Air 3rd Suite organ with soloist and more Compatible with the other versions of this famous tune. The minimum of a wind soloist and organ may be expanded with more instruments supporting the organ lines. Optional guitar continuo.
daneuph - Sep 3 2013

Bach-Air from 3rd Suite Sax4tet This famous tune here in two versions for saxophone quartet with optional guitar continuo. One has the tenor sax as soloist, the other has the soprano saxophone as the soloist.
daneuph - Sep 3 2013

1700th Century Danish 5-part madrigals Composed in Italian style by Mogens Pedersoen (around 1585-1623). Fully compatible 5-part playing scores in several permutations of clefs and transpositions based on Christian Mondrup
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

Bach Cello Suite 1007 Bach Cello Suite in G - BWV 1007 - Presented in several keys as sight-reading etudes for single line wind instruments - treble, tenor, & bass clefs (project in progress)
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

Kala U-Bass music and scales A specialty folder with arrangements for the Kala U-Bass contrabass ukulele taking advantage of the shorter frets of this instrument’s 20" mensure. Hardly playable on upright basses or 34" bass guitars
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

W. A. Mozart - The Magic Flute Excerpts set for 10-piece brass ensemble
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

Ved dagens begyndelse An original unaccompanied trombone solo here in editions for low instruments in bass clef concert plus versions for Bb trombone, euphonium, and clarinets, Eb tuba, saxophones, and clarinets, plus Horn in F (treble and bass clefs). Latest version added: Bass flute in C
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

The Helicon Schottische Composed by J. H. Woods in 1878 this tuba solo will eventually be presented in various formats. The first uploads are for Tuba and Flute Choir, Tuba solo within the brass 5-tet, Tuba solo within the 10-piece-brass format, and for Tuba section soli within the British style brass band.
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

Wie will ich mich freuen - My Spirit Be Joyful Duet from J. S. Bach's Cantata #146. Set for 14-piece brass ensemble with a tenor trombone and the bass trombone as the soloists. The English title for the duet is My Spirit Be Joyful. The Cantata's final Choral has been added at the end of the score. The score, all horn parts, and the solo trombone parts have been revised February 6th 2014. One more Flugelhorn part as been added as an optional substitute/supplement for the 3rd horn. Relevant in contexts where extra trumpet players may support the
daneuph - Sep 2 2013

Handel - Lascia chio pianga Almirenas aria from the opera Rinaldo set for 1-1-1-1 brass quartet with some substitute or alternative parts
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

4 Laso Dances 4 dances from the Danish island of Laesoe (proper spelling not possible here for ASCII-reasons). Versions available for Polkaband (very flexible supply of parts in C, F, Bb, and Eb) and for 8 part Recorder ensemble.
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

Grieg - Funeral March - 10-piece brass Score and parts. Substitution parts for players out of the British brass band tradition. A substitution part for the bass trombone part allows for a performance by a clarinet choir: Eb soprano - 3 Bb sopranos - Eb alto - 3 Bb basses - Eb contralto - BBb contrabass
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

Bach-Air from the 3rd Suite For 14-piece brass ensemble
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

Joy to the World for Choir, soli, and 14-brass ensemble A setting for SATB choir and SATB solo voices with 14-piece brass ensemble (4 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba, and timpani). The audience is incorporated in the arrangement as it sings the 1st verse along with the unison choir and brass counterpoint as an epilogue.
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

Bruremarsj fra Nordmoere - several duet settings Bruremarsj fra Nordmoere - Bridal March from Northern Moere - Norwegian traditional set in various duet constellations by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre. Versions in 4 keys. Lots of constellations of instruments in A, G, C, F, Bb, and Eb including ophicleide, ukulele, mandolin, and Kala U-Bass.
daneuph - Sep 1 2013

Feierlicher Einzug by Richard Strauss This majestic procession set for 14-piece brass, timpani, and SMzATB choir. Woodwinds optionally supporting or substituting the vocalists.
daneuph - Aug 30 2013

False-note exercises for tuba False-note exercises for tuba and other conical low brasses
yorkmasterbbb - Sep 19 2012

Beethoven 3 Duets WoO 27 Originally for Clarinet & Bassoon - here in several versions for all woodwinds, strings, and brasses (cornet, trumpet, horn, Wagner Tuba, alto horn, euphonium, tuba). Several versions for saxophones. Not all added versions are documented in the prefaces.
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 10 2012

Mozart Spiegel duet Originally a table duet for two violins - here set for wind instruments in G, C, F, Bb, and Eb in various clefs
yorkmasterbbb - Apr 2 2011

Lo,HeComesWithCloudsDescending Modular setting of Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending by Hemsley. Basic setting is for Brass Quintet with optional Organ and SATB Choir. If a Brass Quintet or an Organ are at the core of the performance several permutations of instruments and vocals will be possible. Also stand-alone versions for various quintet formations.
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 12 2010

The Star-Spangled Banner Solo The tune only presented in versions for solo instrument in all keys. Treble Clef and Bass Clef
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 21 2010

Marin Marais La Basque Freely set as duet with the original bass line and an optional tenor line. Revised 2014 and with several new versions for all orchestral and band strings, woodwinds and low brasses. Trio versions for F Horns and for bass guitars
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 19 2010

Schubert-DerTodUndDasMaedchen Franz Schubert's Lied Der Tod und das Mädchen set for 5-part low strings, brasses, and/or woodwinds in compatibele scores in various clefs and transpositions. 4' versions for Flute Choir & Recorder Ensemble
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 20 2010

Lully - From the opera Alceste So far 2 excerpts from the 1st act. No embellishments written out, but for those found in the original score. Compatible 5 part settings involving oboe, strings, recorder ensemble, flute choir, and/or guitars. Mixed 8' and 4' performances are possible as long as the bass line is covered by an 8' instrument.
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 5 2010

The Star-Spangled Banner in Eb Set for Beethoven era military brass ensemble - 2 natural horns in Eb, 2 natural trumpets in Eb (transposed parts in Bb also), trombone (Tenor and Bass Clefs), and Serpent (Tuba)
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 30 2010

In an English Country Garden Elements for modular performances - either sharp keys for recorders, flutes, and strings - or flat keys for brass, clarinets and saxophones
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 19 2010

BordogniVocalise3-36Vocalises Guilio Bordogni: Vocalise #3 from 36 Vocalises arranged by Wade Rackley for G bugle and piano
yorkmasterbbb - May 21 2010

Inversion Canon by Mozart Trio from the Menuetto of K.V. 388 in various keys for SSTB recorders - 4 horns in F - 3 Bb clarinets & bass clarinet - SATBar saxophones - Oboes & Bassoons, String Quartet, Trumpets & Trombone, Trumpets, Horn, & Tuba – Eb instruments
yorkmasterbbb - Mar 13 2010

Beethoven Trio Opus 87 Beethoven Trio 2 Oboes & English Horn Op.87. Project has been revised and now presents 60 versions for woodwinds, brasses, and strings including guitars
yorkmasterbbb - Mar 9 2010

Interval routines all brasses Versions for treble and bass clef brasses (upload in progress)
yorkmasterbbb - Jan 5 2010

2 Fantasy Pieces by Carl Nielsen Carl Nielsen - Hybrid project: you get the transcribed solo line here, and the piano score from another source. 34 solo parts for instruments reading G, C, F, Bb, or Eb Treble Clef, or concert Alto, Tenor, or Bass Clefs.
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 21 2009

Scale practicing for recorders Scale system for recorders in C (Treble and Bass clefs) and recorders in F (Treble clef loco and 8va plus Bass clef)
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 3 2009

Choreographic March (test) Alfa testing. So far the tuba element and some introduction
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 29 2009

Bro bro brille Danish kid's song and dance play here set by Klaus Bjerre for two bass tubas with optional piccolo (or standard) flute
yorkmasterbbb - Feb 20 2008

Ole -selection of Danish songs Ole - selection of Danish songs featuring the boys' name Ole. Set by Klaus Bjerre for two treble clef Eb tubas, but really applicable for also for other brasses, for clarinets, and for recorders. This was an ad hoc joke for the celebration of a section mate's work jubilee. KB played the 2nd tuba.
yorkmasterbbb - Feb 20 2008

Index Index and file on Permissions and Fair Use
daneuph - Nov 26 2005

Recorder orchestra workshop Samples
yorkmasterbbb - May 2 2004

Brudefolkene in various settings Composed by Iris Larsen for a poem by H. C. Andersen. So far a recent version for 10-piece brass and an older version for brass 5-tet
yorkmasterbbb - Apr 21 2004

Vivaldi Largo from Concert for 2 horns Presently settings for horn 4-tet and recorder 4-tet (tenor, Bass, Great Bass, and Sub Contrabass in C/Cello)
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 31 2003

Low brass scale routines Routines for the Major mode, the natural, melodic, and harmonic Minor modes, the Mixolydian mode, and the Dorian mode. Each mode has pages addressed directly to Euphonium (baritone, trombones) in treble and bass clefs plus bass clef tubas in F, Eb, CC, and BBb. These routines may also be used by other treble clef brasses, clarinets, and saxophones.
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 8 2003

Deep River 4 part ensemble Setting for male choir 1916 by William Arms Fischer here edited for instruments in the Tenor-Bass range: trombones, euphoniums, tubas, horns, clarinets, saxophones, violas, and cellos. Additional playing scores for church ensembles, recorder quartet, and SSAB Flute Choir.
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 8 2003

Canzona Villanesca Tomaso Cimello - Venezia 1545. Originally a dance song for 3 male voices. Here in settings for Low brasses including ophicleides (bass clef and various treble clef notations), Horn trio, and Recorder trio (TTB or ATB). Latest addition as of September 6th 2003: Flute Trio or Flute Choir.
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 8 2003

Bach First Brandenburg Concerto Trios set for recorders and for euphoniums/bass clarinets.
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 8 2003

Clipboard Clipboard
Aug 8 2003

Ave Maria Composed by Jacob Arcadelt 1514 - 1568. Settings for SATB recorders and for bass clef/treble clef tuba quartets.
yorkmasterbbb - Aug 8 2003

Sat-Maras Polska Traditional Swedish dance set for tuba quartet and for other permutations of low range instruments. Versions for: Tuba 4-tet all bass clef, low strings (3 celli - 1 double bass, also works for 3 bassoons - 1 contra bassoon), low clarinets in Bb (3 basses - 1 contrabass), and low clarinets in Eb (1 alto - 2 contraltos - 1 octocontralto). 2 page playing scores, no parts. The compatibility of the versions implies that mixed 4-tets and ensembles are very well possible, if a good balance is kept.
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 29 2003

Im tiefen Keller German drinking song set for Low Clarinet Trio, Bassoon Trio, and Tuba Trio (Bass clef and treble clef versions). All settings are compatible, and the instrumentation can be mixed, if you observe the different part distributions in the last two bars. There are a few differences in the distributions of the very low Eb notes also. With the tubas you will find them in the top line, whereas they invariably are in the bottom line in the woodwind versions. With mixed performances place these notes in parts acco
yorkmasterbbb - Jul 12 2003

Tchaikovsky - Liturgical music Liturgical music by Peter Tchaikovsky edited for various instrumental constellations by Klaus Bjerre (brasses in Bb, F, Eb, and C concert notations, clarinets in Bb and Eb, string quartet, recorder quartet, and flute choir). So far 6 chorales out of a longer series.
yorkmasterbbb - Jun 29 2003

Tanker om en koral Reflections on a chorale: Settings for various ensembles of one of the more important chorales in the history of the Christian church. Horn Quartet, WW 5-tet, Brass 4-tet, recorder ensemble, flute choir, church ensembles. Not all of these will be found right from the outset.
yorkmasterbbb - Feb 22 2003

Fastelavn er mit navn Tuba duet over a Danish kid's song for the celebration of the opening of the lent. Optional piccolo or clarinet.
yorkmasterbbb - Dec 23 2002