files > Rossini - Due Gatti

Introduction & alternative Guitar Accompaniment Introduction with link for the free piano score from IMSLP. Also an alternative guitar accompaniment, written in plain and tablature notation, arranged by Klaus Smedegaard Bjerre
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 8 2014

Mixed pairs of instruments Samples of mixed pairs of instruments. As all versions are in the same key, they are all compatible, if the balance comes out right.
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 7 2014

Two octaves up Piccolos, sopranino recorders
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 2 2014

Two octaves down Eb, BBb, & bass clef Tubas (low), Contralto & Contrabass Clarinets (low), Contrabassoons, double basses
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 1 2014

One octave down Low clarinets (including basset horns), bassoon, ophicleide, F horn, Wagner tuba, euphonium, cimbasso, tuba (bass clef + treble clef Eb & BBb), celli
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 1 2014

One octave up Flutes, alto recorders, oboes, Eb & Bb clarinets
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 1 2014

In the original octave English horn, clarinets (Eb, Bb, basset horn, alto, bass), saxophones (SAT), trumpets, cornet, flugelhorn, F horn, Eb horn, euphonium, violin, viola
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 1 2014