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FluteChoirCanzonaVillanesca.pdf Version for flute trio or flute choir. Scores for SSB, AAA, and SSS
yorkmasterbbb - Nov 27 2003

Canzona villanesca Bl Fl.pdf Tomaso Cimello - Venezia 1545. Originally a dance song for 3 male voices. Here set by Klaus Bjerre for TTB or ATB recorders.
yorkmasterbbb - Feb 23 2003

Canzona villanesca set for 3 Horns in F.pdf This setting for Horn trio is fully compatible with the settings for diverse combinations of instruments, which can be found on this page.
yorkmasterbbb - Feb 18 2003

CanzonaVillanescaForLowBrasses.pdf Canzona Villanesca by Tomaso Cimello - Venezia 1545. Set for low brass trio. Bass clef version. Various treble clef versions to be used for instruments in F, Eb, and Bb. 3 ophicleides may play from the bass clef score
yorkmasterbbb - Oct 4 2002