Low brasses from the Beijing Music Fair 2011

May 26, 2011
1. JinBao tubas
2. JBCB-410 CC
3. JinBao selection of euphonium and baritones
4. Compensated BBb from Jinyin
5. JinBao JBBB-800L 5 valve BBb
6. The JBFB-600 F tuba
7. JinBao BBb sousaphone
8. JBBB-210 BBb based on Swiss design
9. York 3 valve Eb made by Widemann
10. Rotary BBb from Jinyin
11. The engraving on the Jinyan compensated BBb. ';Designed in USA'; on what is a classic British style tuba
12. The JBFB-600 F tuba in center